I'm so excited! It's been several months in the making, but today marks the official launch of ReviewMyCommunity.net, a Yelp-like review site for Online Community software vendors.

As more and more organizations are buying community software platforms to service their customers, enable employee collaboration, advance their missions, and grow their prospect lists, more and more companies are entering the market. All of these choices can make it really difficult for buyers to make an informed decision.

We won't eat at a new restaurant without first reading reviews on Yelp, so why do we spend thousands of dollars on community software without reading peer reviews?

Yeah, that statement above is why I decided to create ReviewMyCommunity.net. It's absolutely ludicrous to me that we won't choose a vacation spot, decide where to eat dinner, or even buy a fancy cup of coffee without reading reviews first. And yet, we drop thousands of dollars on community technology without a resource to read up on what our peers think about that software? That ain't right.

Sure, talking with a vendor's reference clients is one thing, but as someone who has gone through the community software buying process a few times now, I know I'm not necessarily getting a balanced perspective from them. This site will give software buyers like you honest, verified reviews you can trust.

Do you like this idea? Yes? I need your help!

ReviewMyCommunity.net is only as good as the reviews I can gather. And that's why I need your help to reach a critical mass of 100 reviews before we publish our database of community software feedback. 
  • Do you already have a community platform? Give a review. ReviewMyCommunity.net works on a pay-it-forward basis. When you give a review, you'll get a lifetime subscription to read reviews.
  • Tell your friends! We need a 100 reviews to reach critical mass. Let's use our community management skills to hit 100. Together, we can do this!
  • Are you a community software vendor? Contact me for information on how you can gain more exposure for your your platforms and help underwrite the costs of running ReviewMyCommunity.net.

Stay tuned for more news and announcements.


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