Here are the questions you'll be asked on our review form:

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    • Please keep my review anonymous (Checkbox) If you check 'yes' to remain anonymous, your name and organization will never be publicly displayed and will remain in the vault forever. To help fellow users, we will reveal your primary job role only.
    • Name of the software you're reviewing (Dropdown)
    • Do you recommend this community software vendor? (Dropdown)
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    • Content Management (5 Star Rating) To what extent does your community platform allow you to create custom pages, widgets, menu items, and advertising?
    • Member Management (5 Star Rating) To what extent does your community excel at handling member profiles, directories, moderation, and email notifications, and automation?
    • User Experience (5 Star Rating) To what extent is your community reliable and intuitive for community members, managers and administrators?
    • Analytics & Reporting (5 Star Rating) To what extent can you access useful dashboards, customize reports, and export your community data?
    • Innovation (5 Star Rating) To what extent does your platform developer frequently introduce completely new functionality as well as improve its core features?
    • Customer Service (5 Star Rating) To what extent are your customer service experiences timely, helpful, and are issues resolved to your satisfaction?
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    • How large is your community? (Dropdown)
    • How many employees at your organization? (Dropdown)
    • What is your primary job function? (Dropdown)
    • What type of community best describes yours? (Dropdown)
    • How many years have you used this platform? (Dropdown)
    • What is your organization's industry type? (Dropdown)
    • Title of your review (One Line Text Field)
    • Body of your review (Paragraph Text Field)
    • I was incentivized by my vendor to write this review (Checkbox) Did your community platform vendor incentivize you in some way to complete a review? That's cool--just let the world know that happened, but your review is all you and reflects your own personal opinion about the platform.

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