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1-3 years

We moved from Lyris to Higher Logic for our many community pages and the interface and user experience is really good, whether you are in real time or digest mode.  Particularly, digest mode, where discussion threads are grouped nicely.  My only issue is with the handling of attachments for smaller work groups.  Attachments are stored on the server and if you want to access them, it requires a few extra clicks and remembering user name and password for the site.  For large discussion groups (our largest has 2,000 subscribers), it probably makes sense; however, many of our members are accessing the discussion list from a smart phone or tablet, as they are out in the field and not necessarily sitting at a desk.  It's a little cumbersome for that.  The biggest knock I would have would be in using this for small group or committee work where you are exchanging a lot of attachments and editing back and forth amongst committee members.  Additionally, since Higher Logic is tied into our AMS, you can only add subscribers to a particular list if they have an entry in your AMS.  Sometimes, we may have the need to add a non-member or outside expert to one of our work groups and we have to set them up in our AMS as well to be able to add them to the discussion list.  Overall, Higher Logic is a really nice and robust platform and I am happy that we have it for our larger groups, but I don't like it as well for committee lists.