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Employee/Enterprise Social Network
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101-500 employees
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4-7 years

My main complaint with Jive is the failure of the development effort. The platform environment development seems to be driven by a narrow focus on the needs of sales and marketing teams. The platform could be much more than what it is with just a little more effort. Past refinements which work great for companies in non-marketing areas have been abandoned or removed without a viable replacement solution. Another mistake they have made in the past is they don't get government agencies have distinctive needs different from private companies. This failure on their part in their development and limits their appeal to the government sector, one of the largest employers in the USA and other countries. Their development appears to be driven more by their marketing department than anyone even slightly technical or with a true understanding of customer needs. Don't get me wrong the platform is still usable and more secure than sites like Yammer. But from a user perspective it can be confusing, and hard to navigate. The visual look seems more important than the actual user experience of using it everyday.  Jive needs to start listening more to their customers and ignoring their sales staff. They need to realize the customers are paying their bills and if they don't get what they need or if they continue to be ignored on issues they will go to another platform. Jive is making may of the same mistakes IBM made with the PC platform, IBM went from being the only player to getting out of the business due to their own customer failures.