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Linkedin Groups are going from bad to worse

Content Management
Member Management
User Experience
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Customer Service
Community type: 
Professional Networking
Number of members: 
100 or fewer
Reviewer's job function: 
Community Manager
Staff size: 
11-50 employees
Organization's industry type: 
Membership Org/Association
Years of personal experience with this platform: 
8-11 years

I've administered Linkedin Groups for many years, and the features seem to be getting worse over time. For example, the ability for group admins to private message members en masse has been revoked, and job postings have been moved to a less prominent place within the group. My opinion is that Linkedin is removing features that hinder its ability to maximize their profits. Can you blame them? They're a business unit of Microsoft after all, a public company with shareholders to please. As the saying goes, if you're not the customer, you're the product. I recommend to clients that they opt for an on-domain community platform that they can better leverage for their benefit -- rather than the benefit of Linkedin.