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Members Only Forum Helps Industry Development

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Community type: 
Professional Networking
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Reviewer's job function: 
Community Manager
Staff size: 
11-50 employees
Organization's industry type: 
Membership Org/Association
Years of personal experience with this platform: 
1-3 years

We use Higher Logic for a members-only online forum, and find our members needed a fair amount of coaxing at first but use it regularly now (with the occasional poke from a staff member to make sure certain topics, like Convention, get discussed at opportune times). We also utilize Facebook and Twitter, but they are mostly non-vocal on those platforms. Likes and shares are all well and good, but the online conversation takes place on our forum.

Higher Logic allows the use of widgets to easily add features they don't current support in house. We use a widget called to create polls. We are a standards development organization and use the polls to get members to tell us what to change in the upcoming editions, and link the poll to an active discussion in our forum to keep the conversation going.