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No new features since 2014, don't bother

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Professional Networking
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2-10 employees
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Natural Resources / Environmental
Years of personal experience with this platform: 
4-7 years

I used this platform as a consultant for a client in 2017. I answered the demographics as if I were employed by the company for which I did the consulting work.

For context and to be fair, this community platform is an add-on module of a membership management platform, and can't be bought unless you're already a customer of that membership management system. The parent company, Abila, announced in 2014 that it would resolve bugs and issues, but that it would no longer be investing in R&D for MemberFuse. 

That being said, it is available to a few hundred organizations, and they should heed this warning: STAY AWAY!

I'm hearing rumors that there's a good chance that this product will be deprecated entirely in the next two years. You'll be wasting your time and money on a platform that isn't getting any R&D investment and probably won't exist at all in the near future. Just don't.