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We moved from Jive (on-prem) to Lithium.  Lithium was a great partner and the migration was pretty smooth.  we did not like working with Jive as a company (this was years ago so things may have improved).

There are things I really like about Lithium like the reporting (LSI) and permission capability.  It's responsive.  They have some neat features for surveys and gamification.

Here's the not-so-good: you have to have a Lithium development resource or become one yourself (which for an enterprise large company,  the branding and functionality need to be there -- It can't be hacked together. Members represent millions of dollars.  making simple changes like we could on Jive is complicated (IMO).

Unless you have a small team or committed volunteers - the platform starts to consume your time leaving the member nurturing on the back burner.  User experience at the most basic level, can be a challenge due to resources.   Lithium tends to suggest more technology at more cost of course when really what you need is a way to simplify.

I suggest really understanding what it's going to take to 'own' a platform while ensuring your members get the attention deserved, not what is left over once you've added badges. 

NOTE: Business value in $$$.  Be sure connect your community data to salesforce (or some way to show attribution of revenue or cost savings for community activity).  you will save yourself a ton of back peddling when asked - why do we spend 300K a year on this?