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Socious: Great Customer Service

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11-50 employees
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Membership Org/Association
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1-3 years

We've utilized the Socious platform for nearly three years. Each of our 92 chapters has an online community, as does each of our leadership groups and committees. Nonmembers cannot access our community. With the redesign of the GUI about a year ago, the appearance has improved greatly. I like the MY PAGE feature, where members can bring their own social media feeds in from YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter. Tagging and finding content isn't the easiest thing to do. We've developed a taxonomy that describes what our members do and want to categorize our resources with this system, and updating, managing and tagging is very cumbersome on top of all the other keywords and added ways to categorize content. 

Customer service has been excellent with Socious. They are still small enough to be responsive, although this has become less personalized since the HL acquisition. 

As they are no longer developing the Socious platform, further innovations will not be forthcoming. We will at some point have to make a decision whether or not to move to Higher Logic or another community platform. The cost to migrate is substantial and needs to be thought through thoroughly while weighing all the competing choices.