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Socious - A model community provider

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Professional Networking
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11-50 employees
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Membership Org/Association
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4-7 years

"I literally sleep better at night" is what I tell new staff when I'm providing an overview of the Socious platform.  We had an different vendor before with a product that didn't work and since we switch to Socious, that's one thing I've never had to worry about.  It always works. 

From what I've seen, I believe the Socious tools have the strongest and most reliable tools for email functionality of their discussion forums.  Being able to offer members the legacy "listserver feel" but with all the benefits of a modern discussion forum was a critical requirement for my organization.  Socious really delivers from that perspective.  The other tools in the suite allow you to build something as small and focused or large and broad as you want. 

The implementation team is very good with a detailed process.  This allows everyone to be clear on expectation and deliverables.  They are also very willing to be partners and help you determine the best solution(s) for your organization to maximize what they have to offer.  Customer support is outstanding.  The client managers are helpful and responsive.  They also don't try to nickel and dime you over every little thing.  The standard support truly does cover the majority of issues/questions that come up.  They also have a robust support site for users to supplement their knowledge of the tools.

I'm a firm believer in the 90/10 rule.  Are there things I wish were different/available?  Sure.  For me and my organization, the 90% so far outweighs the 10% that it's a no brainer.