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Community type: 
Number of members: 
100 or fewer
Staff size: 
51-100 employees
Organization's industry type: 
Business Services
Years of personal experience with this platform: 
4-7 years

Big Jive advocate and user for over 5 years. The solution has been simple to use from an enduser and admin point of view. Like any other software vendor they have had some challenges with new versions especially when they went from V5 to v6 on-prem, and this was because of the foundational rewrite.

Im not sure what is going on, but the cloud version has quite a few challenges when it comes to stability and integration to other tools like Box.

The biggest disappointment is with Jive anywhere. I love this tool, but recently it has become the flakiest component of Jive. You never know if it will work or not, and it heavily effects the way I share web content and emails on project collaboration.